Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive

This is a research-backed, evidence-based programme which will support you in both overcoming emetophobia (the fear of being sick and/or of vomit) and learning the skills to thoroughly make the most of your life.

I offer a programme for adults and a separate programme for young people aged 11-18. Please note both programmes are not therapy and do not involve exposure therapy. Instead they are research-based training programmes which help you build the psychological foundations necessary to completely and permanently rewire the way you feel, think, behave and react. The aim of the programme is not to just learn to live with your symptoms, it is to overcome emetophobia and change your life for the better.

Over a course of usually 6-8 weekly sessions, I will support you in building strong psychological foundations. This work is supported by a workbook, written by Rob Kelly who devised the Thrive Programme ® based on his unique insights gained during twenty five years of clinical experience teaching people with emetophobia to take control of their beliefs, thinking, feelings and imagination. Having this workbook, along-side your weekly sessions with me, really brings the Thrive programme “to life” to maximise your success.

“Vicky is beyond amazing. After having sessions with Vicky I can say with certainty that I would have paid anything to get her as my Thrive consultant. 

My few weeks with her have been fraught with obstacles (on my end) and yet I’ve come so far! My life has already changed for the better and I look forward to conquering my emetophobia with her by my side.” Abby M.

“I have struggled with emetophobia for as long as I can remember but, after a marriage breakup 18 months ago, I found it was getting progressively worse and taking over my life so I decided to get some help once and for all.

I came across Rob Kelly’s Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive book on Amazon and, having read the reviews, I  thought I had nothing to lose giving it a go (I did this in conjunction with a lovely Thrive consultant – Victoria Bourque).  I could relate to everything that’s written in the book and Rob is the only person I’ve come across that seems to actually know what he’s talking about. 

It’s not a case of just reading the book and you’ll be cured…you have to put consistent effort in and make sure that you complete all the exercises to start noticing a difference.  I’m still very wary about being sick but am in a much better place than I was – so much so that I ate bacon that had been open in the fridge for seven days last week – any emetophobe will confirm that this is a complete no no, however, I’m still here to tell the tale!

I would highly recommend the programme and Victoria Bourque.  From my extensive research, there is no other treatment available that even comes close.”


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