As a Mum, I am well aware of the potential pressures on young people and parents alike. I also know how rewarding life can be when both children and parents are thriving.

With this in mind, I offer the life-changing Thrive For Teenagers Programme® for young people aged 15 upwards. Like the adult Thrive programme®, the one-to-one sessions with me are supported by a Thrive For Teenagers manual, written by Rob Kelly with the specific aim of supporting teenagers to live happy, confident, positive lives.

I help young people with overcoming:

  • Fears and phobias
  • Shyness, lack of confidence
  • Worry, anxiety, panic attacks and panic disorder
  • Unhappiness, depression, not feeling “good enough”
  • Social Anxiety, feeling judged by other people, feeling under pressure about school/college

The Thrive For Teenagers Programme® usually involves 6-8 sessions with me to train your teenager to really understand themselves so that they can change their beliefs and thinking-styles. This empowers them to have increased self-esteem and feel more in control.

For young people under the age of 16, one or both parents or guardians need to be present in the sessions. This helps you to understand your child’s situation and it also enables you to support them outside of the sessions.

I hold an enhanced CRB check in order to work with young people.

Please contact me to book a free initial consultation so we can get your child Thriving.

“My daughter Emily is a 15 year old girl who has Aspergers. She has struggled through life with anxiety and emetophobia. All through her early days at school she never ate anything at school.

Emily wouldn’t bond with children her own age and was frequently bullied about being different. Emily was coming home from school very upset and anxious about life. She never joined in with after school activities or school trips. She had counselling from CAMS and was discharged. She also saw a therapist for CBT at the Priory but still life didn’t change- she had no school friends or any social school groups.

She started seeing Victoria on the Thrive Programme and gradually started to realise the positivities in her life.This year she attended a school trip to Rome and has also signed up to a summer out of bounds course. She has also expressed an interest in the school Prom.

Victoria is very easy to speak to and Emily felt at ease during the sessions. We are very grateful to Victoria and the Thrive Programme. She has improved since doing the Thrive Programme, giving her more confidence about doing things she wouldn’t usually do.

The Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive Young Person’s Edition book was very easy to understand and work with.
Emily has learnt through the programme to feel better about herself and has improved her self confidence.

I think the sessions were brilliant and the timings were perfect: familiar, unclinical meetings which allowed Emily to relax and speak out and she really opened up. The sessions have given Emily a more positive attitude to life and how to manage her anxieties.”

Lynn, Derbyshire

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