If you find it difficult to attend face-to-face Thrive sessions with me for whatever reason, I offer online  consultations. This is particularly useful for my overseas clients as I can fit in with their schedules and time differences. These sessions provide the same benefits as meeting in person and are just as interactive as face-to-face sessions. Clients find that Skype or FaceTime sessions are a convenient way for us to build a good rapport with minimal disruption to their day.

Just as with face-to-face sessions, I offer a free initial online consultation. From there, we can arrange convenient, individually tailored online video calls for your Thrive sessions on a weekly basis to guide you successfully through the programme.

To book an online session with me, please contact me either via phone or email and we can arrange a time for your free initial consultation. My Skype user name is bourque.victoria so, if you would like to work together via Skype, please send me an invite prior to our booked session and then we will be good to go.

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