The Thrive Programme® is a unique, life-changing, evidence-based psychological training programme which will teach you how to take control of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and imagination so that you can thrive in life.

I will guide and support you through the simple steps that will teach you the self-insights and skills you need to make lasting, positive changes in your life. The improvements in your life will come from you as it will be YOU who is positively changing your belief systems, thoughts, imagination and how to perceive events to improve your happiness, health, confidence and success. It will be you taking control of your life by building strong psychological foundations. The Thrive Programme® teaches you to achieve this by managing how you think, feel and react to life on a daily basis.

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The Thrive Programme® is an excellent choice if you are looking to overcome low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, low confidence, insomnia, negative thinking, social anxiety, panic attacks, panic disorder, depression, anger management issues and phobias including emetophobia (the fear of being sick or being around someone else being sick) .

The Thrive Programme® is also ideal if you don’t have significant psychological or emotional symptoms but you would like to get the most out of life or achieve a specific goal.

Over a course of usually 6-8 weekly sessions, I will support you in increasing your self-esteem and your sense of power and control. This is supported by a workbook, written by Rob Kelly who devised the Thrive Programme® based on his unique insights gained during twenty five years of clinical experience teaching people to take control of their beliefs, thinking, feelings and imagination. Having this workbook, along-side your weekly sessions with me, really brings the Thrive programme “to life” to maximise your success.

Find out more at the Thrive Programme website.

“I found the Thrive Programme really useful, easy to understand. It’s really helped me understand myself and improved my well being, especially for my panic attacks. Victoria is an excellent, lovely person who explains everything. I would definitely recommended Victoria and The Thrive Programme.” C.S.

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